In this course, Joel Richardson surveys some of the most important and foundational passages and themes related to the subject of eschatology. From Genesis to Revelation, Joel presents a clear overview of the Lord’s prophetic plan for the ages. This course will clear away much of the fog of confusion that often surrounds the subject of biblical prophecy.


  • A clear understanding of the difference between the Greek philosophical worldview and the biblical worldview

  • How understanding Messianic prophecy unlocks biblical prophecy

  • What are the key texts and themes that every Christian must understand in order to know what is to come

  • Why the Church must recover the Maranatha cry for the return of Jesus that fueled the early Church to turn the world upside down in a single generation

  • The relationship of prophecy to missions, evangelism, and the Great Commission

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Endtimes Masterclass With Joel Richardson

    • Class 1: Intro to Biblical Worldview

    • Class 2: Biblical Worldview and the Gospel

    • Class 3: Covenant Promises of God

    • Class 4: Jesus From Genesis to Revelation

    • Class 5: The Antichrist

    • Class 6: Introduction to the Middle East End Time Theory

    • Class 7: Daniel 2

    • Class 8: Daniel 8

    • Class 9: Gog and Magog

    • Class 10: Mystery Babylon

    • Class 11: Romans 11

    • Class 12: The Return of Jesus

    • Class 13: The Millennium

    • Endtimes Masterclass Course Survey

    • NEXT STEPS: Go Further


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