We aim to guide humanity into meaningful encounters with Jesus by combining the Great Commandment and the Great Commissions. This approach, which we call "Moments to Movements," is rooted in Jesus' disciple-making process outlined in scripture. As disciples ourselves, we share insights gained while navigating the challenges of the world as sheep among wolves. Our coaching goes beyond merely imparting methods; it aims to ignite a spiritual awakening that has the potential to shake nations. Through these experiences, we've seen how responding to God from the depth of our hearts can lead to the creation of movements that make a lasting impact.

Love No Matter What

Disciple-Making For Every Nation, Tribe & Tongue

Since the first century B.C., Jesus sparked a Kingdom movement from Jerusalem that transcended borders and cultures, enduring persecution across the Roman Empire. Today, the Christian Church still faces oppression in places like Iran, Afghanistan, and Mecca, much like the early church. Yet, from Mecca to rural Ohio, from Imams to ex-LGBTQ escorts, disciples rise from unexpected places, reflecting God's enduring radical love through disciple-making.  Join us worldwide as sheep among wolves, laying down our lives in worship and divine deployment. Motivated by deep intimacy with Jesus, we actively spread His mission to reach every nation, tribe, and tongue anticipating the moment of His Kingdom Come. Maranatha!